First Time Students

Welcome! We are excited for you to share your yoga experience with us!
  • Please arrive at least 15 minutes before class for registration.
  • Inform the teacher of any injuries.
  • Bring a large towel, yoga mat, and water. Mat and towel can also be rented, and water can be purchased at the studio.
  • Come well hydrated and well digested - eat only a light snack (nuts, fruit, etc.) at least two hours before class.
  • Wear light workout clothing - appropriate attire includes bathing suit shorts for men and fitted top and fitted shorts or pants for women.
  • Please practice good hygiene; do not wear any perfumes or heavy scents.
  • Don't forget to bring dry clothes to change into after class.
  • Stow your belongings in the lobby or changing room cubbies, please do not keep them in the practice room.
  • Please, no cell phones in the practice room.
  • Keep your mat clean and odor free by wiping it down with mat cleaner regularly and allowing it to air dry.

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