Welcome to Jersey Shore Hot Yoga, located in Avon-By-the-Sea.  We are committed to providing an ideal environment for the transformative practice of hot yoga that is equally suited to novices seeking to enter this exciting world and to more advanced practicioners seeking to take their yoga to a new level.
We offer over 30 classes per week and are proud to present a number of diverse styles of instruction representing several different yoga lineages. The classes differ sometimes in length, in the selection of poses, and overall approach, but each is aimed to be beneficial to novice and advanced yogis alike.
Our studio is designed with state of the art heating panels and beautiful wood flooring. Enjoy your enhanced yoga experience in this all-natural, hypo-allergenic, and eco-friendly setting. Yoga is a shared experience and we are sure that the supportive and welcoming community at our studio will make you feel immediately at home and lift your practice through shared energy.

Hot Yoga Etiquette

With extra sweat comes extra responsibilities


  • Arrive to class on time.


  • If you have to leave early, please do so BEFORE Savasana.


  • Use a towel (for many of us, more than one) in class. If there is a big puddle when you get up, you need another towel. Please know that your teachers have to wipe that up if you don’t. Your teachers don’t love that.


  • Come to class clean.Most teachers and students shower before class. Be aware of your own body odors. Wearing sneakers without socks before class can upset the entire class.


  • Clean your yoga gear and mat daily. Please make sure that your things are clean and fresh for practice. If they are not, the whole class is affected. A stinky mat, towel or clothing make a stinky class!


  • Please only bring your mat, towels and water into class. Please leave all other belongings (bags, keys, socks, etc) in the cubbies, or in your car. Please NO CELL PHONES in the yoga room. Phones will still be there for you after class.


  • Bring your belongings with you when you leave. We are not responsible for any of your things and cannot keep them for you at the studio.


  • Be kind to your neighbors. Make space, be considerate, and be cool! It’s everyone’s yoga room.


  • Remember we love you and this is all to help us experience the freshest, best yoga vibes possible.