Ann Healy (owner) 

I have been teaching yoga since 2002 and the owner of Jersey Shore Hot Yoga since 2004. I have completed over 1000 hours of teacher trainings and certifications over the years.  Teaching yoga and leading this very special yoga community has brought so much joy and meaning to my life.  My classes are continually changing and developing over time. While being persistent on form and alignment, I enjoy creating intricate sequences where students hold poses for enough time to benefit, then practice flowing seamlessly into the next pose.  Each class that I teach is a unique exploration that tunes into the students who are present and, though I am leading the class, everyone there is helping to create it.  It is a beautiful shared experience and no two classes I teach are ever the same. It is a delight to watch students grow and cultivate their yoga practice. Many of my students have moved on to become incredible teachers at JSHY and elsewhere. I am forever grateful for the healing practice of yoga and all of the wonderful experiences and people it has brought to my life.


Chris Cordasco

I  am a certified teacher in the Barkan Method of Hot Yoga and inspired by many. I am also Yoga Nidra certified with Swami Shantimurti Saraswati. My classes are designed for the novice to advanced practitioner to safely seek their edge, dissolve boundaries, quiet the mind and to simply feel better afterward than when they arrived.  Through a personal journey of a professional career combined with a passion for wellness, I've recognized yoga's unique ability to heal both body and mind, along with the potential for transformational growth. To know more, set your alarm clock for bright and early on a Sunday morning and if you catch the bridge, call and I'll put a mat down for you - the one that you will soon have droplets of sweat gathering, releasing whatever you're ready to let go. 


Autumn Dawsomn

I  have been practicing and teaching yoga since 2010. My experience and training have included over 200 hours of practice, meditation, and reflection. I received my initial certification in 2010 by completing Jimmy Barkan’s Level I training in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, yet I continue make new discoveries each day. I am grateful to all the teachers that have taught me along the way and to those who have inspired me to take the next step. Yoga has taught me to live in the moment, because the past cannot be changed and the future is still to be determined.


Karri Lueddeke

In choosing a picture for my yoga “bio,” I choose a selfie as it represents to me the gift of yoga – being able to look within and upon ourselves with a sense of joy and contentment. I’ve also decided to forego telling my life story as I believe our own separate narratives is what yoga seeks to dismantle. Yoga allows us to step away from our busy lives for a slice of time and simply “be.” To disconnect from the spin of the world and create a wordless expression of the self through breath and movement of the body. To learn, class after class, asana after asana, breath upon breath, that sometimes the search for narrative and meaning is best accomplished by abandoning the search and simply turning ourselves inside out, opening our hearts, and finding a lightness and ease of being. It is this gift of yoga that inspires me and which I hope to inspire in others by creating classes in which we not only bend, stretch and fly but also reveal ourselves to ourselves.

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Ariana Speranza

I started my yoga journey when I was 14. I was in the FPAC dance program in Howell High School, and they brought in a yoga instructor to show us a safe way to stretch before rehearsal shows, and auditions. The woman explained to us the ways that yoga can help with the impact of years of training and performing. That's when I started taking class at Jersey Shore Hot Yoga and became hooked on it!  I learned so much more then just being able to take care of my body physically. I learned how to take care of myself mentally and at a young age I had the desire to learn more about my higher self and the philosophy of yoga. I took my teach training at age 18 and am now a certified yoga instructor. I always love taking workshops and continuing my education to keep my mind stimulated and my classes fresh. You will not get the same class when you practice with me regularly.  Whether you need the space to work on yourself physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually, I will offer a space adaptable to your needs with plenty of modifications and optional challenges. My motto is to be open to anything and listen to the body to help guide you on your mat.


Adam Schwartz

I've been teaching since 2012 and have completed 1,400 hours of various teacher trainings including my studies with world renowned teacher Sri Dharma Mittra, Hared McCann and Yoshio Hama. I like to teach a thorough and comprehensive practice which pays attention to anatomical details. In addition to a regular asna practice, I also maintain a daily meditation and pranayama practice. In mt off time, I enjoy going to hockey games, playing pinball and traveling


Rachel Wallace

I am so grateful to have fallen in love with yoga while on the path to healing a slipped spinal disc in 2009. It was the deep physical, emotional, and spiritual cleanse from my practice that had left me eager to learn more! With the inspiration and kind encouragement from Ann Healy, Kate McChesney, and Annmarie Rung, I found the courage to receive my 200 hr Yoga Alliance certification under Jimmy Barkan in Westchester, NY (2011), and an additional Barkan Method training in Costa Rica (2012). Growing up with many years as a dancer, I have a profound love for creative movement and self expression, which I carry into my classes. I encourage my students to test their boundaries on the mat by flowing without hesitation or fear. At the end of class, it’s not the aesthetics of our postures that matter, because our bodies are constantly evolving and changing. It is rather the feeling and quality of our divine breath and conscious movement, that keep us radiating towards our highest, authentic self!


Nikki Aufiero

Growing up as a gymnast and a dancer, I immediately felt like I came home when I found my practice at JSHY in 2010. With love for the movement and a desire to learn more about yoga as a whole, I began to explore different styles and went on to complete my 200-hour teacher training with Peak Beings Unified Yoga in 2013 on the Big Island of Hawaii. The experience was blessed and has led me to now work as a training assistant for Peak Beings. I like to flow my classes based on the energy of those in the room and I will often incorporate different styles of music to move to. I’ve found that beyond alignment, there are endless opportunities for freedom and fun on the mat. I encourage students to live within their breath and to meet their practice where it is each day. I know that the journey has only just begun, and with love will encourage each student to explore their body and soul without fear, and to have faith and trust that with practice all is coming. 


Dave Cox

Three years ago I was dragged kicking and screaming to my first yoga class by one of my closest friends.  My argument against taking yoga was that I played sports for my entire life and there was no way I was going to pay someone to show me how to stretch. I begrudgingly attended my first class during the summer of 2013, which turned out to be a very demanding arm balance class. I fell in love with the practice that night and haven't stopped moving since. At first the satisfaction came from learning and nailing difficult asanas. But after some time had passed, I also started to learn about the psychological benefits of having a yoga practice.  After a few years, I can honestly say that my yoga practice has taught me a great deal about myself as a human.  In October of 2015, I made the decision that I wanted to try and share with others what my amazing teachers had shared with me by seeking my 200 hour certification. Teaching yoga has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I look forward to sharing this gift with others for many years to come.

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Faye Gepp

No makeup - no mask - no bullshit. Hearts out. Chin up. One breath at a  time. One heart beat at a time. I spent most of my life surviving the next painful thing. Agonizing  over every minute of every day. Untill I stopped believing in the illusion of separation and awoke to the truth of oneness. We are all star seeds,  light beams of consciousness. We are everything  and nothing at the same time. We are all in this together. We come together on our mats as energetic beings. Void of social status, void of mistake or unknowingness of any kind. We come together to become unified in peace, love and surrender. - There is no agenda - there is only love. Faye. I’m certified in 200 hour mindfulness Intensive and a concentration on body biomechanics and alignment but like that’s so boring.


Cassandra Mesce-Quarantello

When I started practicing yoga, I had no idea that yoga would become one of the greatest positive influences in my life . In time, I started to see a transformation not only physically, but mentally as well. I believe yoga is a powerful tool for not only us as practitioners getting into physical shape but also learning to mentally accept the present moment. I attended numerous workshops over the years and have surrounded myself with amazing teachers that have helped me on this journey . In 2015, I decided to take a local 200 hr yoga teacher training with Kala Pravinya yoga. I enjoy teaching a unique vinyasa style class that focuses on the breath with our movement from posture to posture as well as deeply restorative posturest.


Larry Schaefer

I went to my first yoga class at Jersey Shore Hot Yoga in the summer of 2012 when a close friend encouraged me to go after I had experienced some major life changes. Soon after attending classes on a regular basis, I found this close knit community a home away from home. I was inspired by the many teachers who have helped mold my practice to what it is today. In June of 2016, I completed my 200 hour teacher training. I find it beneficial to be able to incorporate my background of Physical Therapy and Tai Chi into my classes. Teaching yoga has allowed me to pass on all of the knowledge that I have gained from others throughout my personal journey.


Grace Timko

My yoga journey started in college, in the early morning back home for winter break. Each day since it continues to grow and evolve -- on and off the mat. In 2020, I completed my 200 hour teacher certification at Urban Yoga in Charleston, SC. I am a forever student, always learning from the unique energies and practices of those alongside me. My classes are playful, but rooted in mindful movement with plenty of modification and opportunities for expansion. I am so greatful to my teachers and teh ability to share space, time, and breath with my sangha.