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Jersey Shore Hot Yoga

”The rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind & the harmony of the soul create the symphony of life.”

~ B.K.S. Iyengar


Welcome to Jersey Shore Hot Yoga, located in Avon-By-the-Sea, NJ. We are committed to providing an ideal environment for the transformative practice of hot yoga that is equally suited to novices seeking to enter this exciting world and to more advanced practitioners seeking to take their yoga to a new level.


Jersey Shore Hot Flow Yoga

Jersey Shore Hot Flow is an integrated mind/body class that links breath to movement. Each class is unique as every instructor brings his/her own style and creativity. Be prepared to stretch, strengthen, and sweat. Options/variations will be offered so that each student may work at the level most appropriate for them.


Hot 26

Hot 26 is based on the hot yoga system developed by Bikram Choudhury - 26 postures done twice each with 2 breathing exercises. It is designed to heal the body and calm the mind. The sequence engages, stretches, and strengthens muscles, ligaments, tendons, bones. Here at JSHY, attention is placed on alignment and directing the flow of the body's energy. This is a great class for learning the essential hot yoga postures in finer details.


Sacred Bowls and Breath

Come engage your breath while washing in Sacred Tones to align internal source with the wisdom on infinite intelligence.


Private Yoga Lessons

  • Work one on one with your favorite yoga teachers

  • Receive personalized instructions and feedback appropriate for your body, health, goals, and needs

  • Whether a beginner yogi or seasoned practitioner, private yoga lessons will enhance and elevate your practice.​


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"You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.”


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“I am standing on my own altar. The poses are my prayers."

- BKS Iyengar

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